Bridgeport, CT gangs

The following is a list of some of the gangs in Bridgeport, CT in 2005-2007. This page will not be updated.

9-Tre (Bloods)
All for One (AF1) – females
Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation
Bang Out Disciples – female
Black Mobb
Bloods – various sets
Blood Diamonds – female
Crips – various sets
Dipset (Bloods)
Deuce One (aligned with Crips) [Central High School area]
Folk Nation (aligned with Crips)
Get Money Boyz – GMB
G-shine (Bloods)
Goonies (Goonie Goons) (Bloods) [west end]
Hang Out Bitches – female
IGC (Infamous Gangsta Crips)
IGC (Insane Gangsta Crips)
Lady Dipset – female
Lady Gunnaz [PT Barnum area]
Lady Stacks [Marina Village area]
Latin Kings
Louis Vitton Dons – female
OGC (Crips)
Piru Crip Killas (Bloods)
PT Outlawz [PT Barnum area]
Quiet Storm Bloods (QSB)
Southwest (TF & Stack Boyz) [Southwest area of city]
Stack Boyz [Marina Village area]
Stack Dimes
TMB – Take Money Boyz [Marina Village area
TF (The Fam or The Family) – PLS & others merged [west end]
Tiny Rascal Gangstas (TRG) (Bloods)
Wild Deuce (aligned with Crips) [north end]
Young Gunz [PT Barnum area]

What can educators do?
– Do not live in denial.

– Be non-judgemental.

– Learn about the gang issue.

– Treat all students equally.

– Refer gang members or associates to in-school support staff.

– Understand that gang membership happens for many reasons: multi-generational, protection, income producing, territorial, etc.

– If you are not comfortable discussing gang issues with students, refer them to someone who is.

– Train staff to understand and work with gang members, as they are members of the entire student body.

– Work with gang leaders to create “sacred ground” at school.

– Communicate with your staff about gang issues that happen on your campus and steps that are being taken to address it.

– Encourage gang involved youth to explore other options for making money, being with friends, and achieving their goals.

RIP to all young men and young women in Bridgeport who were taken from us at too young of an age. You are remembered.